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Tissue Paper Party Decorations

Party Decorations Using Tissue Paper

Decorating a place or a venue for a party need not be expensive. Using tissue papers to make flower decorations that are attractive can perfectly substitute fresh flowers and these are not very expensive.
Here is how you can make your tissue paper flowers.
Prepare these materials: a pair of scissors, tissue paper (bear in mind that you can make 2 to 3 flowers from an 8 sheet package), and wire (it is best to use a wire that is used for floral or pipe cleaning).

Easy Party Decorations

Buy two colours of tissue paper packages that are packed by eight sheets. You may also buy one colour only if you want to concentrate on making flowers with one colour only, but it is good if you have another shade for your colour of choice for comparison purposes. These packages of tissue papers are available in most department stores and even in gift or card stores.

Unpack your tissue papers and cut the 8 sheets in halves to produce 16 sheets. Lay at least 6 to 8 sheets on top of each other and make sure that they are aligned.

Fold the tissue paper in an accordion style. This means you will be folding the tissue paper in such a way that the other side is ½ inch wide and the other side is 1 inch wide. Fold the tissue paper again in this manner the other way around.

Create round edges on both ends in order to make rounded petals. If you want your petals to look like Dahlias, on the round edges that you have made, create a 1 inch deep slit on its middle.
Find the middle of your folded tissue paper and tie floral wire on it. Use enough length of wire according to the use that you will need your tissue paper flower for.

Separate the layers of tissue papers. Separate the layers to the left and right sides to get the shape of the flower. Separate each sheet carefully in order not to tear them.

If you want to use two shades of the flower, include at least two sheets of a different shade among the 6 to 8 sheets that you will be using. Place the different shade on top of the pile to give emphasis to its colour.

Decorate your party venue using the flowers the way you want it.